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Mamma’s. I’ve Got You!

mammas ive got you

Advice for super mums

As you lay there, you turn over and see it’s 3am. The little one is having trouble sleeping yet again, your eyes feel small and you know in a few hours you will be getting up for the day ahead and in all honesty, you can’t actually remember the last time you slept properly.

Everything feels like a whirlwind at the moment going from one thing to the next to then getting the next task squeezed in before your attention is taken again.

This is the definition and reality of a super mum!

Yet you often find yourself reminiscing and daydreaming about the days pre children, the freedom of time you used to have, to be able to come and go as you please, sleep undisturbed all night or to be able to get to the gym as many times as you wanted. All this without having an endless list of ‘open tabs’ in your head daily to the point where your own self care doesn’t even get a look in.

Believe me, I know it’s tiring!

It’s hard… but we also know it is 100% worth it to see the little one develop into their own happy little person.

However, it certainly doesn’t mean all hope is lost for reconnecting with yourself again whilst achieving the transformation you still desire, to also feel more confident and less ‘tired mum’ whilst feeling fabulous out in your clothes again.

I speak about these quick tips often with clients through the experience of my own little boy in the last 12 months alongside my experience from working with mum’s of all categories over the last 8 years.

So, I’d like to share with you today two simple tips to adapt into your lifestyle to ensure you achieve your goals without feeling overwhelmed, frustrated and feel more confident, energised whilst feeling fabulous mentally as well physically.

Because Mamma’s, you really all are superheroes and deserve to feel like one.

Let’s start with the dreaded one most people tend to trip over…

Nutrition For Mums

My BIGGEST tip without a doubt is preparation.

We already know how busy our days can be from 3am to 8pm including looking after little ones big or small, mum taxiing, household tasks, etc. so finding time to pick a healthy meal can sometimes turn into a grab and go meal leaving you stressed, bloated, unhappy and no where near your goals.

Time to break this habit Mammas!

Easiest tip with this is to start with ensuring you have prepared food in the house.

This can easily be done through batch cooking your evening meal – if you make that little bit extra you can portion yourself a small amount of it into a tupperware for your lunches the next day. Or prioritising 15-30 minutes a night to make some simple, quick easy filling meals or just lunches for the next day or two depending on the amount of time you want to prioritise.

Another preparation tip for nutrition is if you are out about, make sure you take prepared lunches with you or grab cooked meats/fish with some already cooked veg (hello microwave) or salad depending on preference. By ensuring you take food sources filled with protein & fibre you are less likely to want to snack immediately after due to both digesting a lot slower keeping you fuller for longer in between darting about the place!

Next & final tip following on from preparation is…

Scheduling for Mums

Now before you roll your eyes Mamma’s hear me out…

I understand every week can look slightly different so this is where we need to sit down on a weekend and look at what’s coming up the week ahead to see where we can prioritise some form of movement.

This could look like a gym session, a class or even daily walks.

Either way we need to help you prioritise some time away from the house/work or your manic routine to ensure you get an opportunity to put yourself first for 30 minutes to an hour a few times a week.

Yep, you read that right.

You need time to move your body to release those endorphins as well as take a break from running around after everyone and take some time for yourself.

By prioritising time to move you will be helping yourself progress towards your goals as well as genuinely feeling better for achieving a small task towards your goals consistently.

Some weeks may genuinely involve getting up before the kids (which may suck) to take action towards your goals, realigning your self-worth back into a priority.

Once a week I have to get up at 4am (if Leo hasn’t woken me up already or after some nights where he’s been up hourly from 10pm) to get to the gym at 5am to complete one of my workouts before my partner goes to work at 6.30am.

Do I question my choice every Thursday when I do this?

Absolutely! However I know future Shawnie will thank past Shawnie for taking action when she really didn’t feel like it.

As I remind my clients, my biggest advice to remember with these tips is not every week will be perfect, not every planned activity will happen as kids can genuinely be unpredictable however even following these tips above 80% consistently over time will still help you achieve long lasting results.

Remember Mamma’s, you’ve completed the hardest task, you grew a whole other human inside of you, and now raising the very being you grew!

But at the end of the day you still deserve to put yourself first sometimes to feel more grounded, confident and happier in general because how can you expect to look after everyone else if you aren’t being taken care off?

Let me know if this helped or have any further questions on this by finding me on instagram at @coachedby_sb

Shawnie x

Chris Shadwell
Chris Shadwell
14 October 2023
This is an amazing gym with some amazing people. The equipment is great (primal) and the layout is good. It is small granted but that doesn’t stop the availability that it holds. I do hope it can expand just a little bit more in the future as then more equipment and a little more space for it all and then more people. It can like any gym have busy spells but the system in place is app controlled so you see the amount of booking in slots on a per hour basis. Regarding this the staff really do assist you with this. But the app itself is bob on with how it works and feels secure plus when you book your slot and like myself book in a few days advance, a reminder can be notified of a hour before. There is a great selection of equipment and a virtual spin room which is perfect. Then the steam room is a piece of heaven
Steve Newman
Steve Newman
14 October 2023
Fantastic and friendly place, a gym that has everything you need , also a very helpful owner with personal trainers on hand who all have different backgrounds for which road you choose should you need a personal PT or just advice, also has a very good early morning hit class avaliable
L Wandering
L Wandering
2 August 2023
Stumbled upon this place as I couldn't find anything in the Hoylandswaine / Penistone area that did easy drop in days. Was stunned by what we found - high-tech gym equipment, really friendly staff, loads of machines and a really fun cardio room with a spin room that you can use anytime with pre recorded lessons. You can tell it's run by enthusiasts, lots of attention to detail. Well worth a tenner for a day pass and the weekly and monthly rates were reasonable. Will definitely be going back here every time I'm back for a visit.
Declan Stewart
Declan Stewart
20 July 2023
Great Gym! Oragyms has friendly staff and top equipment. Gutted that I had to cancel my membership due to moving away but highly reccommend
George Florescu
George Florescu
29 October 2022
Fantastic gym ! Great local gym and equipped the most big chain gyms Friendly staff and professional would definitely recommend this place 💪💪💪
Adam Barrett
Adam Barrett
26 May 2022
Great local gym and better equipped than most bigger chain gyms I've been to. Very friendly and helpful staff and a good atmosphere to work out in. 👍🏻
Kirsty Chaplin
Kirsty Chaplin
13 October 2021
Amazing friendly gym! All staff are really helpful and on hand with anything you're not sure of. The equipment is all high end and thoroughly cleaned down. Fab steam room too to perfectly finish off your workout!
Martyn Jackson
Martyn Jackson
24 September 2020
Great gym. Friendly staff. All the equipment you could ever wish for. Really enjoy this place

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