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The only high-end fitness facility in the area



With equipment from leading brands like Primal Strength, Life Fitness, Stairmaster, Concept and LesMills, we have something for everyone.

equipment list

Spirit Treadmill

With state-of-the-art touch screen interfaces, our Spirit Treadmills enable you to effortlessly walk, jog or run up to 20kmph or simulate a steep incline of up to 15 degrees at the same pace. Whether you’re looking to get your steps in for the day or complete a High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) or Low Intensity Steady State (LISS) session, they’re the perfect partner for all cardio sessions. 


Using the same touch screen monitors as the treadmills, the cross trainers from Spirit allow you to reach your desired output level whilst enjoying some silky-smooth rotations, with zero impact on your joints. They’re a great way to get your heart rate up and complete some LISS cardio sessions. 


If you’re looking for a more comfortable way to cycle your way to your cardio goals, this is the bike for you. With the same touch screen monitors as the other Spirit equipment, a padded seat and back rest, drinks holders and places to put your towel and mobile phone, there is no better place to rack up the miles whilst relieving the pressure from your knees and hips.

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The second most comfortable bike we have in club, with all the same great features of the Recumbent Bike, minus the laid-back relaxed seating position. It’s a great bike to cycle away the miles and get those calories burned away.


With its roots in the CrossFit scene for years, the air bike now finds its way onto many gym floors. A great whole-body workout that lends itself more towards the HIIT sessions, this is sure to make your arms ache and your legs feel like jelly. 


Inspired by the competitive cycling teams of the world, this bike allows you to track many variables within your training sessions, including heart rates, max power output and timed distances. With various resistance levels and the same adjustability for rider setup as a high-end Spin bike, this is the go-to tool for fitness enthusiasts looking to track their progress.

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Life Fitness have long been synonymous with quality equipment and these IC2 bikes are no exception. With adjustment not just for seat height, but also fore and aft positions and handlebar position, these are some of the best set-up Spin bikes on the market. With belt drive and mechanical resistance at the turn of a dial, as well as clips for cycling shoes, you really can get after it during those challenging Spin classes.


Somewhat of a mediaeval torture device, the Stairmaster is a go-to machine for those looking for a more challenging LISS cardio session. Focusing on glute activation and low impact, this is a great piece of equipment for anyone looking for more glute development and the ability to increase aerobic output in a shorter timeframe.


A relative newcomer to the fitness industry, the curved treadmill has earned its stripes as one of the best ways to conduct a HIIT session indoors. Often linked to a functional workout, the curved treadmill lends itself to short sprints or intervals with its ability to speed up and slowdown in time with your own input. This self-powered treadmill demands far more proprioception input than traditional treadmills and will undoubtedly leave you burning more calories in the same timeframe, whilst reducing the impact on your joints.

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If you’d prefer to put on a set of gloves and alleviate your frustrations on the heavy bag, our 6 foot boxing bag will take any punishment you can throw at it. Designed not just for boxers, but also Kickboxers and Thai Boxers who want to utilise low kicks, knees and even elbows, this bag will take it all and keep asking for more. Grab a round timer and get your HIIT sessions knocked out whilst improving your coordination and reducing your stress levels.

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Made from marine grade tough vinyl, with UV protection, this water filled boxing bags are the perfect addition to an indoor/outdoor training area. Due to their dimensions and weight, they’re perfect for working on your footwork around the bag and throwing combinations. 

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Currently the leading upper body cardio trainer on the market, utilising the base of a Concept 2 Rower turned on its head and attached to two ropes with rubber handles at the top. Whether it’s bolted to the wall or freestanding with its secure base, nothing replicates the upper body burn you’ll experience on a Skierg. Suited to HIIT sessions and often combined to circuit style training, you’ll be hard pushed to match it for intensity.


Perfect for a low impact training session, the Concept 2 Rowers delivery both LISS and HIIT sessions with ease, allowing you to focus on your movement condition and breathing. Again, often combined with some form of circuit training, they’re a great way to improve your power output and increase your aerobic capacity.


Whether you’re simply looking to stretch out, do some AB work, eek out those walking lunges or conduct a full-blown circuit session, our sled track is the perfect place. With all the functional equipment you could ever need, you don’t need to go anywhere else in club to have a great session.

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Put in for a bit of fun, can you complete a rung of the ladder or hang tuff to beat your friends? With some strategically placed TRX mounted to the frames, it’s a great place to have an alternative session based around bodyweight exercises.

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Whether you’re a seasoned gym goer or a newbie to it all, the TRX has the ability to challenge even the hardiest of fitness enthusiasts. Based around body weighted exercise, you can tailor your workout to suit your ability level simply by changing your foot position in relation to the pivot point, and invoke a full body workout in minutes. Great for those time critical workouts or adding into a circuit style session.

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Built from a durable steel frame, the Prowler or Sled as its sometimes called, gives you the ability to complete exercises you wouldn’t otherwise be able to using traditional gym equipment. Load it with your desired weight plates and push the Sled down the Sled Track to utilise glute activation and elevate your heart rate, or pull the Sled backwards to really tax the Quads in a unique way. The choice is yours.

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A staple exercise for circuit training or functional style sessions, Battle Ropes are used by many functional training athletes to achieve strength and endurance benefits for the shoulders, traps and core stability. Whether you’re throwing the rope over the sled to anker it in place, or using it to pull heavy objects down the track, there is no end to its functional possibilities.

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The Farmers Walk is a fun yet challenging way of making significant improvements in your functional fitness. Load the handles with as much weight as you can carry and stride your way down the Sled track or car park to challenge your boundaries. Often used alongside other Strongman style apparatus or within circuit style sessions, these are a great way to improve your grip strength, core strength and endurance capabilities.

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With all manner of training options when it comes to Kettlebells, you’re never short of things to try and eventually master. Used alongside more traditional weight training methods as well as within functional programming, Kettlebells can be made to be one of the most challenging pieces of functional kit to improve your cardio output, core strength and general movement screen.

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Whether you’re using them for carrying events, swinging them for rotational core benefits or throwing them to test your explosive power potential, Sand Bags are extremely versatile and a staple within any Strongman or circuit training session.

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Made of a tough rubber exterior and filled with sand, Slam balls are a simple yet challenging piece of kit to use. Load them, carry them or throw them, they deform on impact and sit perfectly within any functional routine.

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Used primarily for Abdominal workouts and accessories for Sled Track activities or within functional training programmes, Wall Balls are perfect for weighted throwing activities and rotational exercise to improve core stability and power generation.

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Not often found in a gym environment, Parallettes come from the Calisthenic strength training system where you complete body weighted movements on bars and frames. These are great for beginners looking to complete static holds or push-ups, right through to advanced trainers completing handstand press-ups/dips.

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Frequently overlooked, your Abs are crucial in stabilising your core and allowing you to perform at your best with other more complex movement patterns. Ab rollers challenge the structure of your abdominals by utilising your own body weight and are suitable for beginners and advance trainers alike.

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Whether you’re doing some Ab work, stretching or even some Yoga flows on the gym floor, Exercise Mats give you some cushion and support for any floor-based exercise.

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If you’ve ever struggled with the movement pattern of Olympic Squats or Air Squats for that matter, Squat Plates are for you. They allow you to gain some heel elevation, artificially lengthening your Achilles Tendon and increasing Dorsiflexion at the ankle as a result. These things combined allow you a much greater range of motion at the ankle, knee and hip, enabling you to squat lower with an improved postural position. In time you can work your way off the plates and Squat with perfect form.

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Designed to invoke more Glute activation during your lateral Walking Lunges or Hip Thrusts, Glute bands are a simple yet effective training tool to improve your overall Glute function, which will lead to an increase in pelvic stability, which will reduce any back pain you may have and help toward your overall movement pattern.

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Used for anything from stretching a muscle structure to improve your ROM at a particular joint, to creating additional tension on a piece of equipment during an exercise, Resistance Bands have many uses and are a great way to make adaptations in your sessions.


Primarily used as a finishing exercise on Leg Day, the Sissy Squat fixes your feet in position and allows you to sit/squat backwards without the worry of falling over. Because of its fixed position, it focusses all the tension onto the Quadriceps, which creates a burn like no other at the end of your leg routine. It looks simple and uncomplicated, but it’s one gruesome piece of kit if used correctly.

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Designed in recent years to replace the need to use an Olympic bar on the end of a weight bench to build your Glutes, the Glute Drive allows you to create a compound movement where all the tension is on the Glutes, thus helping to not only stimulate Glute activation, but also improve Glute growth exponentially if used regularly.

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Often the go-to exercise for people looking to develop their Quads, our ISO Leg Press has a cantilevered foot plate for smoother operation and comfort, whilst placing most of its tension on the Quads. Change your foot position for a varied workout and to target the section of the Quads you’re looking to promote (Narrow generates a larger sweep to the outside of the Quad, whereas wider and higher will promote more Adductor/Hamstring/Glute activation and promote more tension on the internal teardrop (VMO)).

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A great way to target the larger muscles in the shoulder, the seated Iso Shoulder Press is a compound lift that focusses on the Anterior and Medial heads of the Deltoids, often with greater loading parameters than free weights, creating more overload on the muscles in a safer and more controlled fashion. This is great when used as the first exercise in your shoulder routine or as a finisher when all your other movements have been completed.


For many the Lat Pull Down is the king of back exercises and our plate loaded, bi lateral machine allows you to work one arm at a time, or combine both arms with greater adaptability than a cable. And because you can change your grip width, go overhand or underhand and even change the way you face using the machine, you can really focus on the part of the Lats you want to engage. Great for developing that “V” shape or width in your back, the Iso Lat Pulldown is a great place to start your back routine.

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A fantastic way to develop your Pectoral muscles, the Iso Chest Press generates tension precisely where you need it in order to develop your chest. Use it unilaterally to really focus on the squeeze and create different angles, or bilaterally to push the boundaries of your strength. A brilliant place to start especially if Bench Press isn’t your thing or if you’re uneasy about using Dumbbells when training on your own.

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One of the best ways to isolate your mid back and lats and increase development using varying grips. Use the curved handles with an overhand grip for mid thoracic recruitment or an underhand/neutral grip for more focus on your lats.

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Notoriously difficult to grow, your Calf’s can be a tricky muscle to stimulate. Our seated Calf Raise allows for greater overload and stretch at the bottom of the movement that you can’t replicated in every day life, thus helping to increase the size and strength of the Calf. Add these in on the end of a leg day routine for maximum stimulation.


The quintessential Chest exercise and the baseline for most strength athletes, the Bench Press is often the best place to start when looking to improve your Pectoral development. It’s also a great indicator for overall strength along with the Squat, Deadlift and Overhead Press. Learning to arch the back, depress the shoulders and control your breathing throughout will help keep you injury free and give you a great starting point to build on your proprioception and Chest development.

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If you have ever struggled with a Barbell Squat or have any difficulty with the movement pattern underneath a bar, the Pendulum Squat is THE best place to replicate the same movement pattern whilst eliminating the sideways movement of free weights. With an adjustable footplate to aid ankle articulation and a height adjustable bump stop to catch you if you do one too many reps, this is a gruelling piece of kit, but a rewarding one on leg day. Just make sure your legs are nice and warm before you jump in.

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Used for generating a stable base for Bicep Curls, the Preacher Bench allows you to pin your elbows into the pad in front of your Chest, allowing you to place all the load of a Bicep Curl solely on your Biceps. If you’re looking to build your Biceps and have ever struggled to engage them correctly, this is the piece of equipment to utilise. Whether you’re using Dumbbells, Straight Bars, EZ Bars or even Cables

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With a little imagination the Smith Machine can be used for a variety of exercises due to its fixed vertical axis and lock off system. With no sideways/forwards/backwards movement to worry about, this piece of kit is ideal for beginners looking to learn the movement pattern of a particular lift, right through to advanced lifters looking to isolate a muscle group or overload their working sets with the safety of lock-off system. Whether you’re looking to hit the upper body or lower body the Smith Machine is perfect for everything from Flat/Incline/Decline Bench Press, Shoulder Press, Up-Right Rows, Bent Over Rows, Variations on Deadlifts/Rack Pulls, Squats, Split Squats/Lunges and even Glute work.


A staple on legs days, the Hack Squat is an awesome yet gruelling piece of kit for the Quads, Hamstrings and Glutes. With its cantilevered design, you can face into the machine and replicate a Squat, engaging the Quads and Glutes depending on your depth, or you can Hip hinge in the same position to recruit the Hamstrings and Glutes. Alternatively, put your back to the machine and sit through the machine to really isolate those Quads. Whichever way you use it, it’s perfect on Leg days and is suitable from beginner to advanced lifters.

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Ideal for beginners, this dual machine allows you to switch between a flat Bench Press and a seated Shoulder Press, with every angle achievable in between the two. Simply pull the blue pin under the seat or on the handlebars to adjust the angle of the bench or the height of the bars, then simply select the weight you want to use by placing the pin into the weight stack and you’re away. Due to its cable-based tension being present in the lift all the way through the movement, you can really focus on squeezing the muscle for maximum contraction, with no fears of getting it wrong.

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Often the go-to machine in the Gym, our dual Lat Pulldown/Seated Row is a great place to start your Upper Body session. With an adjustable weight stack up to 100kg, you can quickly adjust the weights between sets and change the handle attachments to focus on a slightly different part of the upper Back. Perfect when training with other people or if you’re simply looking to isolate between your Traps/Rhomboids and your Lats.

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With a weight stack of 125kg, an adjustable back rest and articulating foot plate, this a great starting point for beginners. The natural seating position allows you to comfortably get into the optimal position for Quad development or even stiff leg Calf raises and it’s a great exercise to combine with Leg Extensions/Leg Curls in a super set, to really tax your legs.

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If you’ve ever wanted to improve your Pull-Ups or build the strength to do unassisted Dips, this is the machine for you. Often overlooked, it’s one of the best ways to improve your ability to complete Pull-Ups/Dips, because you can infinitely adjust the weight attached to the kneeling pad. The more weights you add via the pin loaded weight stack, the less you weigh and visa versa. So, you can go from weighing practically nothing, to being completely unassisted if you’d like. All you need to do is incrementally lower the weights used each week and play around with the different grip positions for maximum progression.

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The Dual Adjustable Pulleys (DAP’s) feature in so many exercise programmes because they can be used for so many different muscle groups. The benefit of using cables is that there’s always tension on the handle all the way through the rep range of each exercise, so you can promote a greater range of movement (ROM) and isolate a given muscle to its fullest. Whether you’re looking to complete some Bicep Curls using an EZ bar attachment, do some Tricep Extensions using the straight bar, or you fancy hitting Chest with some Pec Fly’s using single “D” handles, the DAP’s offer you a plethora of options to aid your training. You may also find that the smaller of our two machines also comes with exercise diagrams printed at the back of the machine to help you utilise the equipment to its true potential.

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A must in any Leg Day routine, the Leg Extension or Leg Curl provide the best ways to isolate either the Quads or the Hamstrings and can be used at the start of your lower leg routine to warm things up before your compound lifts like Squats, or at the end of your routine to really finish things off. With the ability to adjust the seating position to suit your lever length, you can really isolate the muscle(s) you want to promote, just watch out for the burn it can create and embrace it.

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Starting at 2.5kg and rising to a whopping 70kg in 2.5kg increments, our Primal Strength Commercial Dumbbells are some of the best to use on the market. They’ll see you through some tough sessions in the free weight area and can be utilised for all manor of exercises. Don’t be afraid to take some onto the Sled Track for a functional workout, or over to the Lifting Platforms to use as accessories to your major lifts, just remember to put them back once you’re done.

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For those into Olympic Lifting or general Barbell exercises, our Lifting Platforms and Half Racks are the perfect place to complete your compound movements. Both racks have a set of bars attached above the frame for bodyweight Pull-Ups or banded exercises and the racks themselves are festooned in Calibrated Bumper Plates/Fractional Plates, Lifting Chains, Resistance Bands and Kettlebells, so you really can complete the majority of your sessions all in one place. Whether you’re a keen Deadlifter, fanatic Squatter or general Barbell user, our Half Racks are incredibly versatile and a perfect place to challenge yourself.

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These stainless steel Calibrated Fractional Plates allow you to incrementally increase the weight on your major Olympic lifts by as little as 0.25kg, 0.5kg, 0.75kg and 1kg. So, if you’re looking to set new PB’s, these will help you get there sooner.

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There’s nothing worse than trying to de-load a Deadlift Bar of its plates when you’re transitioning through your sets. The Deadlift Jack makes it so simple by levering the bar off the floor at one end, making

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One of the best ways to stabilise the upper torso in order to contract the Abs/Hip Flexors for maximum benefit. You can raise the knees in a bent position or the whole leg in a straight legged position and elect to do it for reps or static holds for time, either way, your Abs will burn like never before. To utilise the Dipping element of the frame, simple turn in to face the machine and complete some unassisted dips or make it more challenging by using a dipping belt and adding some weight. Great for the upper chest and triceps and one for the end of your chest routine for sure.

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You’ll find the Yolk outside, round the back of the building hiding in the outdoor training area. This piece of kit is ideal for lift and carry type events and has a lot of crossover from Strongman training. Whether you simply want to use it as a make shift Bench Press frame with a Dumbbell bench, or whether you’re looking to load it with some weight plates and complete some car park runs, its got many uses and lends itself to Circuit Training or Strongman events.

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You’ll find a handful of Dumbbell benches throughout the gym and these are typically used in the free weight area for upper body training or alternatively, they can be used for completing Hip Thrusts or brought over to the Smith Machine to aid in some lower body work.

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Fixed EZ bars from 10kg – 45kg. These are ideal for upper body training and more specifically Bicep/Tricep/Shoulder development. Although, they can also be used as alternatives to straight bars for Squatting and functional workouts, they primarily get used for isolating the muscles in the upper arms and shoulders. A great one to add into the end of your Push/Pull Sessions.

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We have a bunch of coloured Ceramic Coated 7ft Olympic Bars stored in and around the Lifting Platforms. They’re ideal for Olympic Lifting and all compound movements like Squatting, Deadlifting and Overhead Pressing and they will not bend of deform, no matter what you throw at them.

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Still a 7ft bar, but with slightly longer bar ends to hold more plates, more knurling for increased grip and a slight whip to the bar under load, the Texas Power Bar is ideal for serious Deadlifters who want to load the bar to its capacity.

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If you’ve ever struggled with Squat form under a traditional barbell, the Safety Squat Bar could be for you. Designed with an offset loading angle (no clips needed), extra handles in a neutral position and some comfy foam padding across the shoulder area, the Safety Squat Bar can help you achieve some additional depth in your Squat by allowing you to control the weight distribution during the movement and taking the pressure off your upper back. It’s also more comfortable than a straight bar due to the additional padding, so you’ll likely achieve more reps with the same weight compared to a straight bar.

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Designed primarily for Deadlifting, Trap Shrugs or carrying events, our Trap Bar comes with 3 different thickness handles that rotate. So, no matter what your hand size or grip strength, there is a handle to suit you and your chosen lift. Due to the neutral grip positions, Deadlifting using the Trap Bar completely alters the loading points of the lift from a traditional Deadlift using a straight bar and places more focus on the quads and upper back, whilst still engaging the Glutes and Hamstrings. Great for beginners or anyone with mobility issues.

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Designed for use in Bench Pressing primarily, the neutral grips and curved design allow you to achieve a lower position in your Bench Press as the bar curves over your chest and your hands are in a more neutral position. As a result, you can increase your range of motion in the exercise and stimulate the Pec muscles in a different way. If you think outside the box, it can also be used as a makeshift Log Press for Strongman.

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A 15kg training bar, you’ll find its slightly shorter and thinner than our standard Olympic Bars and at 5kg lighter, it’s a great place to warm up with or learn some of the more complex movement patterns that come with Olympic Lifting.

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You’ll find these hung up inside the Half Racks just waiting for you to load onto the end of your Olympic bars for Deadlift, Squats or Bench Press. These simply change the loading parameter for each lift by placing more load at the top of the movement as you complete the lift and the chain leaves the floor. Conversely, at the base of each movement and as the chain gathers on the floor, the perceived load is reduced. As an alternative, you could also bring the chains into a Circuit or Strongman session and use them for pulling/loading events also. Either way, they’re a great tool to keep in your arsenal.

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Linked to the side of the Lifting Platforms/Half Racks, the Landmine attachment is used to place the end of an Olympic bar inside in order to fix it place so you can use the barbell for rotational exercises, single arm pressing and even Squat variations. If you want ideas for how this can be added into your training plans, please do grab a member of the team.

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Again, you’ll find these in the outdoor training area, poised for your functional sessions. We have a small 30-40kg Tyre suited to flipping and carrying events and a huge 250+kg Tyre for those who’re up for a challenge. Not everyone can manage to flip it, can you?

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Situated outside close to the tyres, the Sledge Hammers are there to use as weighted bats to swing and/or to hit the Tractor Tyres with during a functional circuit. With a 4kg and 10kg Hammer available, they’re suitable for beginners and advanced lifters alike.

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For use on all the plate loaded equipment inside the gym, the black rubberised weight plates range from 1.25kg, 2.5kg, 5kg, 10kg and 20kg, with over 600kg to go around, you’ll never be short of enough weight.

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These coloured Calibrated Bumper Plates are used on the Lifting Platforms or Half Racks. They’re calibrated specifically for use on Olympic Bars and better balanced than the standard rubberised plates. So, no matter what lift you’re attempting, they’ll roll better, stay on the bar without collars and allow you to load the bar with increased amounts of weight.





From starter programming in order to have a route to follow or simply to learn the basics in the gym, through to injury rehab, strength and conditioning and bespoke online coaching, we have some of the area’s premier personal trainers/coaches available to guide you through to your goals.


Open to members and none-members alike, we serve some of the area’s best tasting coffee and provide you with some healthy on the go food and drink, as well as some guilty pleasure treats and snacks for your busy lifestyle.


The only independent fitness facility in the area with a Steam Room. Set to 42*C and run by an on demand panel, this is an amazing place to unwind after a hard session in the gym or utilise on your rest days.


With a relaxed atmosphere and boutique vibe, mixed with the highest calibre of fitness coaching and equipment available, we will encourage and educate you to a better state of health and wellbeing.

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