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Training With a Friend

by | Feb 27, 2023 | Training, Advice, General

Do you find you lose interest in training after the novelty of joining a new gym has worn off? The answer to your problems could be sat right next to you, or even the last person you messaged!

Whether you’re a seasoned gym goer, or just starting out on your fitness journey, we all know it can be hard to stay on the right track sometimes. Maybe now is the time to think about training with a friend!

 Let’s take a look at the data. One study found that those who worked out with friends were 95% more likely to complete a weight loss program than those that trained solo – that’s a whopping 42% higher probability of achieving your fitness goals!

Ok, I can hear you saying, well what if it’s not about weight loss, will it work for me?  In short, YES! Below are just a few of the reasons why training with a friend could be the answer:

Training with a friend is more fun!

Not everyone loves working out, and for most it can feel like a chore, but having a friend there to share the experience can make your sessions much more enjoyable. Sharing the funny fails, witnessing the strange noises we make when struggling with that last rep and celebrating new PBs are arguably the best bit about training with a friend.

Training with a friend is like therapy

Doing cardio can be monotonous, but not when you can vent to a friend! Offloading your stressful week can mean you feel happier and are able to deal with those stressful situations better outside of the gym.

Training with a friend makes you accountable

Making a date with a friend means you are less likely to bow out at the last minute. We’ve all had those days where it’s just not going our way, you woke up late or you’re just not feeling it, that’s when having that friend to pull you out of that lull can really help.

Training with a friend motivates you

You know that friend, always positive, cracking jokes, that’s who you need to help you find the energy to finish that run, or start your last set of squats, keeping you focused, not letting you skip a workout or a set. Those friends are like gold dust and can turn a casual gym session into something that closely resembles a powerlifting meet, matching energy and enthusiasm to get you through that session. 

Training with a friend makes you stay!

What the studies say….. You stay 6 minutes longer every session that you train with a friend! Which makes sense as that’s easily done when you are having more fun!

So, there are some great reasons for having a training partner, now it’s time to go find the perfect partner! Why not refer somebody you know to Oragyms and earn yourself a free month off your membership whilst you take your fitness journey to the next level!

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